A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Sean Stewart
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Catherine Daly

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Construction Division

$12,500 Plaster Subcontractor MD
$91,785 Residential Stucco Contractor FL
$7,500 Roofer KS
$150,508 Development and Construction-Project Specific NC
$22,500 Plastering And Stucco Work FL
$31,599 Comm'l & Resi Concrete Flatwork & Foundations, Site Prep & Comm'l Mowing CA
$87,150 Road Safety Equipment Rental FL
$9,000 Machine disconnect and reconnection with possible transportation of machines MI
$101,890 Residential & Commercial Plumbing Contractor CA
$15,000 Remodeling, Soft Demo & Salvaging Contractor CA
$35,511 Sprinkler System installation AZ
$9,438 Electrical Contractor & Machine Shop MI
$21,295 Roofing Contractor GA
$11,960 Roofing contractor FL
$27,661 Commercial Caulking Contractor PA

General Casualty Division

$41,508 Vacant Building - Renovation To Start In September 2015 LA
$30,458 Property owner DE
$50,000 Building owner NY
$61,497 Millwright For The Agricultural Industry OH
$12,875 Security Guard Company NC
$47,158 Grocery store MA
$25,500 Industrial Park including utilities MA
$77,277 Insured designs and executes scalable event seating and staging solutions. MI
$12,676 Warehouses - Lessors Risk Only MO
$45,000 Security CA
$41,398 Specialized Carrier / Rigging AL
$26,250 Site Work & Trucking MS
$15,047 Purchase & Resale Homes CA
$45,000 Manages I95 right away PA
$11,596 Bar & grill TX

Manufacturing Division

$41,160 Manufacturer of steel underpinning systems MO
$13,509 Fabrication Shop and Services LA
$62,016 Design and fabricate various structures CA
$31,900 Sells and advises clients on cable components & hardware. TX
$75,460 Pile driving equipment distributor. LA
$183,353 Metal Workshop TX
$96,120 Manufacture primarily construction hand tools for the brick, concrete, plaster, drywall, and tile business IA
$30,730 Manufacturer of outdoor equipment MA
$38,030 Distributor of Oleochemicals for Industrial Use OH
$351,000 Supplier of industrial parts and services including but not limited to valves, pumps , compressors and motors. GA
$31,988 Distributor electrical equipment TX
$13,512 Metal Products Manufacturer WV
$13,492 Exporter Of Irrigation Pipe, Valves, Fittings, Wire, Pipe Glue CA
$7,500 Mfg. Of Conveyor Machines PA
$34,650 Combustion parts manfucturer CA

Professional Liability Division

$30,840 FRA - Franchiser CA
$3,777 EDX - Electronic Data Processor OH
$9,528 BUS - General Business Services CA
$6,666 EDX - Electronic Data Processor MA
$2,500 Computer Consultant VA
$5,687 FCP - Financial Consultant CO
$1,896 HRC - Human Resources Consultant NH
$1,396 HRC - Human Resources Consultant NH
$8,572 EGY - Energy Consultant CT
$7,896 Hardware Maintenance MD
$4,347 PM - Property Manager GA
$2,120 IDC - Interior Design Consultant NY
$3,674 Custom Software Development KY
$16,483 BB - Business Broker NY
$5,676 BUS - General Business Services CA