A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Elaine Thorpe
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Tina Anderson

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New Business Wins


$12,958 Provider of Power Generation Equipment LA
$16,155 General Contractor - Apartment Framing TX
$39,916 Install, maintenance & overhaul of rotating & reciprocating equipment. TX
$15,479 Siding, Window & Deck Waterproofing Contractor OR
$12,500 Commercial and Residential Renovation Work TX
$23,994 HVAC Contractor CO
$20,158 Residential Gc FL
$19,574 Property developer CA
$15,000 Crane Rental With Operators MA
$33,525 Framing Contractor FL
$64,800 Bridge construction MA
$59,280 Sale, installation, maintenance & repair of HVAC units FL
$20,828 Residential & Commercial Ornamental Iron Contractor CA
$15,054 Residential / Remodeling Contractor CA
$188,481 Sawmill TX

General Casualty

$13,994 Provides warehousing and logistics service NJ
$27,880 Restaurant NJ
$14,604 Land Owner HI
$187,246 Restaurants CA
$179,123 Online real estate marketplace CA
$19,017 7 story buiding NY
$23,040 Hotel; less than four stories w / pool LA
$21,250 Provider of special needs transportation MA
$65,444 Apartment complex IN
$26,007 Vacant Commercial Building MA
$27,214 Provides software to auctioneers for bidding on the internet MA
$27,880 Restaurant NJ


$6,675 Safety product distributor CA
$40,249 Rigging Supplier including wire cable and rope, fittings, hoists, sling fabrication and related equipment. WI
$181,500 Mfg. of Thermal Technology Systems MN
$25,150 Mfg. of Non-Ferrous Custom Metal Castings TX
$21,120 Distributor of Remote Control Toy Car Parts & Supplies CA
$7,500 Distributor of Water Purification Tablets VA
$7,500 R&D company developing 3 new products; degreaser, oil spill cleanser, crispy crumbs. MA
$7,500 Fabrication & installation of fall arrest systems IL
$71,648 Mfg. of Plumbing Products- Drain Cleaner KY
$15,533 Wholesaler of valves and fluid control products used in variety of applications CT
$247,841 Railroad track mainentance equipment & accessories mfg. incl. sales & service and cylinder equipment requalification mfg. WI
$102,144 Mobile Home Manufacturer MS
$32,000 Scooter & Motorcycle Mfg. TX
$16,500 Restaurant equipment wholesaler NY
$10,611 Manufacturing Concrete Treatmentproducts TX

Professional Liability

$1,484 CNF - Management Consultant IA
$7,794 FRA - Franchiser FL
$3,205 ADV - Advertiser / Public Relations Consultant CA
$3,463 BIL - Billing Service WA
$5,048 MKT - Marketing Consultant FL
$6,437 MKT - Marketing Consultant FL
$2,502 MFI - Mortgage Field Inspector / Property Preservation Service VA
$2,953 CCT - Career Coach / Corp Trainer MD
$2,000 Computer Consultant PA
$2,500 BIL - Billing Service UT
$3,180 EDX - Electronic Data Processor TX
$16,456 BCS - Background Check Service TX
$1,324 EDX - Electronic Data Processor FL
$1,562 PPA - Personal Property Appraiser IL
$4,085 PI - Private Investigator NV