A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Rotating Employee Portrait
Kieran Murray
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Rotating Employee Portrait
Kieran Murray

Vela Insurance Services: A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers

New Business Wins


$27,244 Seismic Retrofitting Contractor OR
$100,002 General Contractor NY
$15,843 Contractor TX
$502,340 General Contractor NY
$25,693 General Contractor IL
$26,856 Commercial Fire Suppression Contractor PA
$66,368 Residential GC: single family dwellings MO
$54,829 Roofing FL
$47,399 Residential And Commercial Roofer TX
$11,928 Boiler And Fuel Tank Rental Company NJ
$12,509 Low Income Family Housing TX
$12,885 Commercial General Contractor KY
$85,488 Roofing Contractor FL

General Casualty

$105,750 Industrial Janitorial Service Contractor MI
$10,000 Auto Repair and Towing MA
$11,500 Customer Service for TV Distributor IL
$29,400 Restaurant MA
$26,388 General Casualty - Transportation, Warehousing, Recycling CT
$94,296 Residential Investment Company TX
$482,202 Resort Properties SC
$63,000 Distributes alarm systems - no installation PA
$41,509 Vacant Building LA
$25,247 Caterer NY
$8,048 Freight Forwarder - No possession IL
$10,500 Tire Shop RI
$141,506 Hotel & Resort FL
$17,563 Tire Service and Repair Shop MD


$18,500 Manufactures Rep for Instrumentation for Measurement, Analysis and Control, Valves and Other Mechanical Items PA
$19,500 Oilfield Supplier Cargo Basket Fabrication / Repair LA
$7,500 Manufacturer of Dashboard Kits NJ
$10,799 Sell, repair, refurbish & service analytical laboratory equipment MA
$22,720 Machining of Auto Parts MI
$79,970 Manufactures, sells and installs skatepark and bikepark components MO
$59,554 Producer of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and columns for grain and oil seed processing, chemical and petrochemical businesses. IL
$39,480 Mfgr of welding equipment and accessories. WA
$12,522 Gas Distributors LA

Professional Liability

$8,117 Allied Healthcare Facilities - NOC TX
$14,150 COA - Collection Agent FL
$15,459 SEE - Seedsman TX
$35,474 PM - Property Manager OR
$2,088 EDX - Electronic Data Processor MA
$18,083 PRI - Printer PA
$5,115 ADV - Advertiser / Public Relations Consultant MI
$3,500 BUS - General Business Services IL
$48,643 CMG - Construction Managers TX
$4,800 BUS - General Business Services WA
$16,663 BUS - General Business Services AZ
$3,988 Rehab / Treatment - Drug O / P FL

Products and services described above are provided through various surplus lines insurance company subsidiaries of W. R. Berkley Corporation and offered through licensed surplus lines brokers. Not all products and services may be available in all jurisdictions, and the coverage provided by an insurer is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the policies issued. Surplus lines insurance carriers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds and insureds are therefore not protected by such funds. This material does not amend, or otherwise affect, the provisions or coverages of any insurance policy issued. It is not a representation that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any such policy. Coverage depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss, all applicable policy provisions and any applicable law. Availability of coverage referenced in this document can depend on underwriting qualifications and state regulations.

Vela Insurance Services conducts business as Vela Insurance Services, LLC in California as a licensed surplus lines broker (License Number 0C94218).