A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Rotating Employee Portrait
Lisa Surprenant
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Rotating Employee Portrait
Joseph De Jesso

Vela Insurance Services: A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers

New Business Wins


$13,750 Grading and Dirt Clearing Contractor TX
$43,794 Plumbing Contractor FL
$25,116 Contr metal roof systems / Sheet Metal Siding Cladding And Gutters CA
$12,500 Foundation Contractor - Primarily Residential TX
$20,312 Roofing Contractor KY
$277,918 General Contractor GA
$27,508 Construction Manager - Commercial Only CT
$22,363 Residential & Commercial Concrete Contractor CO
$33,264 Contractor fiber optic cable instln CO
$18,056 Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor WA
$20,070 General Contractor GA
$24,498 Builds / Erects Conveyor Systems IL
$23,642 Concrete Contractor FL
$19,883 Drywall Contractor CO
$41,055 Residential & Commercial Painting Contractor CA

General Casualty

$28,483 Industrial Park including utilities MA
$15,938 Armed Guards CA
$13,034 Warehouses - Lessors Risk Only MO
$31,496 Security guards TN
$114,999 Supermarkets TX
$81,576 See Attached VP0275 TX
$118,853 Owner of Commercial Property NY
$45,000 Manages I95 right away PA
$10,000 Plan, Design, Finance and Construct Housing and Student Activity Facilites MA
$9,989 General Maintenance And Controls On Bottling Equipment TX
$74,960 Health Provider VA
$148,958 Restaurant, Marketplace CA
$15,000 Security Services PA
$7,500 Manufacturer of Liquor NJ
$33,000 Luxury Home NY


$13,000 Manufacturing of Aircraft Maintenance Stands and Hanger Equipment NV
$10,006 Floor covering distributor FL
$10,558 Import Petroleum Equipment Usa TX
$11,740 Distribution TX
$22,689 Manufacturer Of A Soccket, Pulse, Power Share Kit NY
$12,918 Sale of used auto parts GA
$12,740 Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Marijuana Trimming Machine CA
$48,748 Container Sales & Distribution TX
$30,134 Import and distributes steel pipe used in oil and gas industry NJ
$122,309 Window Manufacturing & Installation FL
$25,000 Manufacturer of Soap and Personal Care Products NH
$12,651 Manufacturer of electronic cable FL
$525,136 Mfg. and servicing of light rail cars to municipalities. PA
$58,722 Sales and service propane & refined fuel vehicles and LP bulk plant installations. WI
$19,977 Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Refabricating, Repairing & Inspecting Industrial Magnets PA

Professional Liability

$3,261 EDX - Electronic Data Processor FL
$2,500 TRU - Trustee CA
$4,725 BB - Business Broker MN
$9,945 TAX - Tax Preparer / Bookkeeper CA
$1,415 CNF - Management Consultant OK
$1,250 MKT - Marketing Consultant CA
$11,179 PMS - Promotional Services NY
$30,028 TPA - Third Party Administator TX
$14,858 CNF - Management Consultant PA
$1,610 CNF - Management Consultant MA
$1,300 CNF - Management Consultant MD
$13,934 FRA - Franchiser TX
$3,381 BCS - Background Check Service MI
$3,320 CNF - Management Consultant CA
$9,563 FCP - Financial Consultant NE