A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Rotating Employee Portrait
Darcy Day
A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers
Rotating Employee Portrait
Parker Stancato

Vela Insurance Services: A Constellation of Resources for Wholesale Brokers

New Business Wins


$15,008 Grading, Excavation & Utilities Contractor CA
$23,460 Light-weight Gypcrete Concrete Contractor CA
$14,012 Residential and Commercial Roofing TX
$12,875 General Contractor TX
$10,000 Developer / G.C. - 24 acres in Florida including single family home construction MA
$180,602 Elevator Contractor NY
$24,816 Grading, Excavation & Backhoe Contractor CA
$25,308 Finish Carpentry Contractor CA
$13,666 GC - Residential Roofer WV
$10,901 Wholesale Store LA
$95,711 Residential & commercial (5%) waterproofing contractor CA
$64,935 Plumbing Contractor CA
$26,420 General Contractor New Ground Up SFD & Remodel / Repair CA
$13,721 Re-Roofing Contractor TX
$20,433 Stone Maintenance & Polishing Contractor CA

General Casualty

$14,169 Long distance trucking NJ
$16,320 Property Owners FL
$54,446 Warehouse for company renting furniture NY
$15,000 Drivers Bring Gasoline to Customer CA
$9,498 Vacant Land FL
$27,500 Motel NY
$2,795 Child Care training, referral training and administration of vouchers MA
$11,240 Repair of pumps NV
$11,550 Sell used / refurbished concrete pumps DE
$242,570 Hotel Convention Center Restaurants And Theatre IN
$14,604 Land Owner HI
$41,721 Motels NV
$157,740 Apartments CA
$75,014 Trucker - Fuel Distributor KY
$18,272 Bus Tire Inspection, Maintenance and Installation IL


$3,500 Diagnostic Imaging Repair and Service WI
$7,500 Product Specific - Tool to Hold Ladders CO
$7,500 Dismantling Of Industrial Plants, Barges, Rigs, Railroad Cars, Etc. TX
$10,013 Mfg Motorcycle Parts CA
$10,000 Biodiesel Manufacturer LA
$7,653 Manufactures, sales, distribution, service and repair for indoor exercise training bike WI
$17,194 Sale Of Armored Vehicles VA
$7,500 Manufactures a Sensor MA
$3,501 Service Of Medical Equipment NY
$7,657 Distributor of glass cleaning and protection products IL
$10,307 Valve Manufacturing PA
$106,480 Medical Products MN
$8,656 Insured Machines Down Hole Product That Cleans The Casing While Drilling TX
$17,138 Manufacturing and Blending of Organic Mineral / Nutrients for Plant Food and Package to Distributors MN
$10,000 Biodiesel Manufacturer LA

Professional Liability

$2,500 PM - Property Manager OH
$1,250 MKT - Marketing Consultant NY
$6,250 BCS - Background Check Service TX
$1,500 MKT - Marketing Consultant DE
$5,544 Application Service Provider ID
$3,480 MKT - Marketing Consultant NJ
$19,021 Application Service Provider TX
$6,852 MKT - Marketing Consultant GA
$1,276 CNF - Management Consultant CA
$6,345 EDX - Electronic Data Processor TX
$3,968 CNF - Management Consultant NJ
$2,500 CNF - Management Consultant NV
$1,776 PM - Property Manager FL
$13,530 SEE - Seedsman ID
$1,500 Electronic Data Processing ME